Fun Arthurian Era Facts

  • What is fostering?

    During the Arthurian Era in royal families, boys as young as 7, were often sent to other royal households to further their education; and to hone their social and warfare skills. To be fostered by a High King was a great honor.

  • What age were children considered adults?

    Boys were considered adults at 14; girls as young as 12. During the Arthurian Era children matured quickly … they had to … life was hard. The mortality rate was high for both children and young adults. Some factors contributing to early mortality: lack of hygienic living conditions, warfare, absence of modern medical care.

  • What were the youngest marriageable ages?

    Boys could legally marry as early as 14, however they were generally at least 17. Girls were allowed to marry when they became of childbearing age, as young as 12 years old. The majority of marriages were arranged by their parents, for political or economic reasons.

  • In 5th century Britain was 15 too young to be knighted?

    Generally, a young man’s knighting ceremony occurred between the ages of 18 and 21. In Sons of Avalon, Vortigern’s Young Royal Guard was an exception to the rule. They consisted of a small group of highly trained young men, including two of High King Vortigern’s illegitimate sons. Their ages ranged from 15 to 17.

  • What century is Sons of Avalon set?

    The first book of the Sons of Avalon saga is set in the late 5th century. Merlin’s birth date is Oct. 31, 469.

  • When was the Londinium Amphitheatre rediscovered?

    The Roman Londinium Amphitheatre was rediscovered in 1988.

  • How many miles could a Medieval army travel in a day?

    Foot soldiers could march between 10 and 30 miles a day. A mounted army could advance at a quicker pace: between 30 and 40 miles a day. The discrepancy in distance is due to many factors. An organized army could travel faster than a band of peasants. Terrain was also a major influence; as well as weather. The biggest factor however was urgency: racing toward a battle versus returning from one.

  • How many miles could a scout travel in a day?

    Scouts traveled light: no armor, minimum supplies. They also rode smaller horses that were bred for endurance. Historical records show riders traveling as far as 100 miles in a day, three days maximum (although doing that would be pushing both rider and horse far beyond humane conditions).

  • Where stirrups used in Arthurian times?

    No. Although there is evidence that paired-stirrups existed in 4th century China, they were not widely introduced into Britain until the 8th century.

  • What breed was Ambrosius horse?

    Ambrosius rode a white Iberian stallion, a gift from King Bors.

  • What is a horse's lifespan?

    On average a horse can live between 25 to 30 years.

  • Who were the Saxon?

    The Saxons were invading Germanic tribes manly from Old Saxon Germany (northwest section of modern Germany). Not to be confused with the Vikings, who also invaded Post-Roman Britain.

  • Who were the Celts?

    The Celts were an ancient people who settled in Britain, Wales, Scotland, Orkney Isles, and Ireland.

  • Who were the Picts?

    The Picts were a tribe of people who mainly resided in north eastern Scotland.

  • When did the Romans abandon Britain?

    The last Roman troops left Britain in the early years of the 5th century.

  • What is a High King?

    During the Arthurian Era, the High King ruled over all of Britain. The lower kings ruled specific kingdoms within Britain, and were overseen by the High King.

  • Why were Ambrosius and Uther considered royalty?

    Ambrosius and Uther were decedents of British High Kings. Their father was High King Constantine. Their older brother, High King Constans, succeeded their father to the throne.

  • Why were Ambrosius and Uther raised in Brittany?

    After the deaths of their father and older brother, the young brothers were taken for safe-keeping to Brittany. There the boys were raised by their cousin, King Budic. When Ambrosius was 24, and Uther 23, they returned to Britain to avenge the death of their father and brother, and to regain the rightful title of Britain's High King.

  • Who was High King after Constans?

    Vortigern took over the role of Britain's High King after murdering High King Constans (Ambrosius and Uther's oldest brother).

  • Why was wine mixed with water?

    In ancient times the alcohol content of wine was extremely high. It was also very concentrated making it nearly undrinkable without diluting with water. On the other side of the spectrum, wine was added to water to improve the taste of water.

  • What is mead?

    Mead is a fermented alcoholic beverage created with honey, water and yeast.

  • What it the difference between ale and beer?

    Ale is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from grain, water, and yeast. Beer undergoes a similar process with the addition of hops.