The Sons of Avalon Saga

by Dee Marie

The Rebirth of a Legend

Chaos ensues as Rome abandons Britain, leaving native Britons alone to defend their shores from the growing Saxon invasion.

Set in 5th Century Britain, this retelling of the traditional legends is stepped in historical fact with a mixture of Arthurian fantasy.

The first book of this epic saga chronicles the mysterious birth of Merlin; concluding with the conception of Arthur, the legendary future king of Britain.

A young Merlin advises three High Kings: to fight through the bedlam, fight for the right to rule, fight to save the future treasure of Britain.

Interlacing love, revenge, mystery, and murder, with a dash of humor, this coming-of-age adventure is a guide through the shrouded tales that embrace . . .

The Sons of Avalon!

Teens Read Too: Gold Star Award for Excellence

ForeWard Magazine: 2008 Book of the Year Finalist Young Adult Fiction