Sons of Avalon Interviews

Articles Written by Dee Marie


Six Degrees of Sons of Avalon

Debrah Harkness (Award-Winning Novelist)

Graphic Tales Encounters Debrah Harkness by Lillian Hawkins

(Interviewee gave Debrah Harkness an author signed copy of Sons of Avalon Merlin's Prophecy)


Martin Millar (Award-Winning Novelist)

Writers Read with Martin Millar by Marshal Zeroing

(Martin mentions Sons of Avalon Merlin's Prophecy as one of the books he was reading)


John Lennon (Songwriter, Singer, Legend)

Classic Literature, Dragon Mythology, Dragon Quotes

(Dragon Quote from Sons of Avalon, listed alongside John Lennon's quote about dragons)


Rob Pattinson (Actor)

The Rob Pattinson Code

Twilight Edward and Bella Official Forum (Italian)

Twilight Blog (Portuguese)

Rob Pattinson Worldwide

Twilight France Forum (French)

(All the above are in reference to the the original Sons of Avalon movie casting wish-list. For the articles in French, Italian, and Portuguese Google Translate is an excellent language translator)

Behind the Scenes of The Twilight Saga: New Moon

(Dee Marie interviewed Eric Pascarelli and Mike Fink (Prime Focus VFX) who improved Rob Pattinson's sparkle)


Tom Cruise (Actor)

Major Movie Shout-Out

(Tom Cruise gives (Dee Marie) Sons of Avalon a twitter-shout-out about an upcoming movie)


Avalon School Library

Help Build A Library In South Africa

(Sons of Avalon was one of the first novels to be donated to this worthy venture)